For those new to State of Decay 2, it’s a fresh approach on the classic hack and slash zombie games. With it’s RPG qualities, COOP multiplayer support and open world zombie fest, it’s proving to be a lot of fun.

Upon starting the game you select a duo and a location and then you’re thrust into a community overrun by zombies. Your only chance for survival is by establishing outposts and gathering supplies. Now you’re not alone, you have survivors with you that you can recruit and work with. You can take over each survivor in your outposts so you have a vast amount of characters to play as, level, and customise their skill sets which makes for excellent variation in your gameplay.

There’s a ‘choose your own adventure’ aspect to this game with some choices you make in the game being permanent and others temporary. I’ll leave that to yourselves to find out. Rest assured your choices will shape your community and ensure no two stories are alike. Survivor death is also very permanent so you need to look after them.

Game play is fluid and the combat has a good feel to it. Slashing at zombies is quite realistic with limbs flying off and skulls caving in. I am yet to max level my ‘beat down’ on any one character yet but so far leveling has proven very effective.

Play solo, or with up to three of friends in co-op multiplayer where each player maintains command of their own personal community and roster of characters. Invite friends to join your game, or drop into theirs. Work together as you explore the deadly post-apocalyptic open world, make decisions with long lasting consequences, and look out for your fellow survivors while sharing the rewards of your accomplishments.

It’s an RPG, sort of, each survivor has traits and skills to improve their capabilities and add value to the community. You collect resources to build and fortify your outposts, unlocking crucial new facilities and community options along the way. Elevate your favorite survivors to leadership roles in your community by completing their goals, and unlock new community benefits and objectives that suit your leader’s ideals.

Whilst some of the cut scenes and voice acting could use a bit of work the overall game is good fun. I personally love games with leveling and RPG qualities as it keeps you coming back with goals to achieve, new unlocks etc. Mix that with a well put together zombie open world and it’s great fun.

Being a Microsoft studios exclusive one of the best value propositions with this game is it’s included in Xbox game pass for the monthly subscription. Now if like me you are already a subscriber for the likes of Microsoft’s recent hit Sea of thieves, it’s a no-brainer to stay on it while you carry on playing both. Xbox game pass is really starting to make sense now given some of the great titles being bundled in it. A years sub to game pass is approx the retail price of one A level title and that’s a great deal in anyone’s book. Keep in mind this is an XBOX Play Anywhere title, meaning it’s on PC also and cross platform.

We recommend you sign up for Xbox game pass asap and start building your zombie community today.

Release date for early access Ultimate edition subscribers is May 18th and everyone else May 22nd.

Standard edition is $49.99 and Ultimate Edition $69.99 or sign up to game pass

State of Decay 2 Screamer
State of Decay 2 Drive-In
State of Decay 2 Field
State of Decay 2 Bridge